The Paradox of the Immatures

It’s hard when someone special ignore you, but it’s even harder to pretend that you don’t care


It’s hard when someone special ignore you, but it’s even harder to pretend that you don’t care

The Another

He is here again. He is here to dominate this world again. This world full of talents and plays. This world full of schemes and confusion. He will destroy the fun in this world. He will destroy the sanity in this world. He will destroy my world.

Everyday, my world is changing. From a very relaxing one to a very cramped one. From a very free flowing one to a very focused one. A fantasy to a reality.

Nevertheless, I am in control in my thoughts. I am in control of my word. I am in control of my actions.

But that is just what is in my mind. My thoughts, my words, my actions are all transforming. Transforming to what? To the person who is going to destroy my world? To that same person who is going to kill me?

Questions are forming. Am I gonna die? Am I going insane? Am I really me?

Then I remembered. He is retaliating. He is counter attacking. He is the original one. I am just the another persona living in this very body.

The War in Wyrsa Prelude

"Hello! Good morning fellow scholars. I am Nepenthes Pianta and I am your guide for this exhibit. A bit of introduction about myself, I am a travelling botanist and I also study dimensional physics wherein I am very fascinated. So now, I am a traveling dimensional botanist but I am not saying that I travel between dimensions if that is possible. I work theoretically and maybe our knowledge in plants can help us in the discovery of other dimensions.

Moving on, this exhibit is brought to you by Cross-dimensional Rift Intelligence Society. They study different dimensions and observe their characteristics and the differences between dimensions. They also hypothesize different things like what will make the dimension collapse or how did the dimension started. They say that these thing will expound our knowledge on Earth’s real origin and how our solar system works. Now, they are going to share some of the dimensions that they are interested in.

They observed one dimension wherein war is their primary commodity. They named the dimension Wario. Well, this is just a side note but I recommend the name Wyrsa but they rejected it saying the word ‘war’ is not in the name. There are four major observed territories here - an earth-like terrain with which a supposed underground base is found, a very large volcano-like location wherein it almost occupy a third of the whole observed Wario, a very deep sea and a floating palace.

Anyway, according to the society, this is a fascinating discovery since war in our dimension stopped a millennium ago. I must notify you that all the species that you observe in the screen are not like us humans since they evolved differently from us. Let us begin to watch the show and of course me interrupting scenes.”

"As you can see, these are not live but these are shots from what they capture. Observe that there are organisms with bodies composed of rocks. Fascinatingly, they are connected to the soil. How can they eat? Do they need water to survive. The fathers of sciences hypothesized that water is needed for survival but this is debunked by these organisms by observing the composition of their body."

"Another organisms has an outline of fire and this is amazing. See that they are not burning themselves. Just imagine what kind of shelter they have or what are their way of reproducing. They are the most human-like organisms I have seen in the exhibit."

"This here is an another stunning observation. An organism of aqueous origin. See how this creature moves? They move using water as a medium. Unlike the previous two, this one literally lives underwater and is almost made up of water. Questions arise from different scientists, how can they survive if they were accidentally drunk by a fish-like organism? Or how can they manage to fight in a very hot environment?"

"Whoah! Did you see that? That is an another organism but it is almost like it is translucent. How can something like that be possible? If they are fighting in a war, how can they use weapons? Their speech is very distinct when compared to the other noted organisms  and it is very fascinating since they communicate well and this is like the accents and dialects humans have. Another note from the scientists is that this may explain the occurrences of ghosts or poltergeists."

"We thank you for watching Cross-dimensional Rift Intelligence Society’s exhibit and we hope that you will take advantage of this new knowledge to explore many possibilities in life. There is a person among us which my partner in travelling and in researching possibilities of other dimensions. A round of applause to Camponotous Bestia."

A Poem of Depressing Hope

This did not start in a grand manner
But it does not mean that I am an immortal lover
All I have done is to give you problems
And giving you unwanted items

I always want to be with you
And thinking about it, gifts won’t do
I just want to make the situation better
So I thought of giving you a letter

After that, you never talked to me
After that, you started to ignore me
After that, I did the same thing
After that, I thought of gambling everything

I gave you a locker, extra in our group
That surprisingly broke the latest loop
You sent a message telling me ‘Thank you’
I am happy again, and the rest of my day too

Another message from her
A very understanding offer
After being busy and all
Will be the time to talk about our walls

A day that we are going to talk
Maybe at school, I prefer while we walk
I do not know the details of that day
I do not know what will each of us say

Each day I feel nervous
Each day my mind started to break loose
Each day my hope is started breaking
Each day I am slowly dying

There is one thing that I am sure
Almost all rejections, I can’t endure
Some also affected her
But I assure that my love will be forever.

I Just Can’t

This is a good time to be with you. I know that you need someone to talk to but I think not to be that someone this days. First is because I am just a nuisance to her in this time. I am just adding her some problems to the pile she has. Second, there are many people who she can have a conversation with or who she has a better relationship.

So yeah, I am not able to comfort her because I won’t, it is because I just can’t.